Nothing I Can Do About it Now

February 8, 2007

No Respect for the Dead, or Babies

Filed under: narcissus, shameless — dregina @ 10:12 pm


D.Regina… Anna Nicole Smith died!  

D.Regina’s Friend… I know…this is freakier than the Bruce Lee family jinx 

D.Regina’s Friend… I guess trim spa might be redoing some ads  

D.Regina… That’s good. 

D.Regina’s Friend… I feel bad for the baby…mother died & father is this guy or that guy….   

D.Regina… Your birthday is also your brother’s death day…  

D.Regina’s Friend… yeah, close  

D.Regina’s Friend… same weekend at least  

D.Regina… Maybe this baby is the Anti-Christ, and THAT’S why no one knows who the father is.  

D.Regina’s Friend… I think that’s it!  

D.Regina’s Friend… the baby is killing them all, just like Damien!

D.Regina… Much faster, actually. Now, if this happens, you have to tell everyone I called it.  

D.Regina’s Friend… oh I will, I will…  

D.Regina… Now do we have to try to kill the baby, like in the movie?

D.Regina’s Friend… sounds like a wacky Laverne & Shirley episode   

D.Regina… I think it’s much more dangerous than that!

D.Regina’s Friend… a demonic Laverne & Shirley episode  

D.Regina… We’ll flesh it out over beers.  

D.Regina’s Friend… sounds good


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