Nothing I Can Do About it Now

February 13, 2007

Word to Amanda

Filed under: feminism — dregina @ 7:49 pm

I met Amanda Marcotte at a party in Austin, well over a year ago now. She writes over at Pandagon, one of my favorite political blogs. Anyway, I met her at this party, and I was enjoying bantering with her, and then I found out who she was, got totally star struck, dorked out, and left without getting her contact information.

I kept reading Pandagon, though, thinking maybe we’d run into each other again. I had a second opportunity to kick myself around for not befriending her when I found out she was moving to Chapel Hill, NC, to blog for the Edwards campaign.

Fast forward to today, when I realized that she is one of the two Edwards bloggers whose lives have been completely upended due to their criticisms of the Catholic Church’s take on birth control and abortion. She resigned today. You can read more about it here, if you’re not already familiar with the brouhaha.

Of course, what Amanda’s experiencing is not a unique or unusual event.  Strong women have been drug through the dirt since time immemorial.  We are expected to be polite, hobble our voices, and make nice. We are punished when we don’t. 

Currently, horrible, horrible things are being said about this funny, smart woman. And here I sit, feeling connected, feeling protective. Amanda was friendly to me at a time when I was new in town and desperate for kindness. She made me a kickass martini. Her writing is angry and brave and unapologetic.

She’s too good for this shit, is the bottom line.

And there’s another, more fundamental reason I feel connected to her. People – specifically women – like Amanda are the reason that abortion and birth control are legal today.  And for those of us who have sex with men, access to birth control and abortion gives us the ability to control our own lives, nothing less.


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