Nothing I Can Do About it Now

February 22, 2007

#31 – 40

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31) When I was in college I was tested for ADD. One section of the test required me to sit in front of a computer screen that flashed random letters. My job, as the test taker, was to hit the space bar whenever the letter X came up.

 32) I was determined to do a good job. I was not going to miss one X.

33) And I didn’t. Because I worked myself into a reactive frenzy and hit the space bar every time a letter flashed up no matter which fucking letter it was. I saw the letter, my fingers pounced for the space bar, and then I thought “Q! Doh!”

34) It was the most explicit demonstration of the faulty wiring in my brain I have ever had.  And therefore very useful.

35) The medical diagnosis was impulsivity.

36) I know, I was suprised that it was a medical diagnosis too. 

37) In an ironic twist of fate, my father was, hands down, without a doubt, the least impulsive person in the history of all time. 

38) I’m serious. Imagine a tortoise raising a hummingbird. That was us.

39) There is nothing I am more grateful for than the relationship I had with my Dad in the last years of his life. He died last year – he had multiple myeloma.

40) I still miss him. Every day.


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  1. i came across a folder in my gmail account titled “fred stories” today. perhaps you could post one sometime?

    Comment by p$ — February 28, 2007 @ 4:29 pm

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