Nothing I Can Do About it Now

April 16, 2007

If he can just save 3 bucks 100,000 times, we’ll have $300,000!

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This weekend, Cristian and I spent some time cleaning our respective houses, getting ready for a visit from his Mom and his sister. The following conversation took place at his house.

Me: Cristian, where’s your toilet brush?

Cristian (gets a very squirrely look on his face): Oh. um. You’re probably not going to like this.

Me: What?

Cristian: The toilet brush at H.E.B. was $3.00. That’s just ridiculous. So I didn’t buy it.

Me: Aaaand so how do you keep your toilet clean?

Cristian: I just use my hand.


Cristian: Well, not really my hand. I wad up a bunch of toilet paper and just reach in with my hand and scrub around.

Me: Oh. Well. That’s better than using your hand, for Christ’s sake. Still, though. Geeeeez.



  1. OK, that made me gag a little bit.

    Comment by Suzanne — April 17, 2007 @ 12:38 pm

  2. i have cleaned a toilet without a brush before. at first i was flustered by the apparent lack of means that not having such a tool presented. then i realized what was possible although (as i obviously erroneously thought) not preferrable.

    “dirty money” i’ll call cristian’s riches.

    Comment by p$ — April 18, 2007 @ 9:55 am

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