Nothing I Can Do About it Now

April 19, 2007

Brian Williams, have you no decency?

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I’ve stayed away from most coverage of the Virgina shooting. There’s literally nothing I can do about it. It’s over, and I don’t see how feasting off the suffering left in its wake has any benefit.  Global warming, the Iraq war, the healthcare crisis we’re dealing with – all of these are news stories that are upsetting and depressing, but they’re also ongoing, and, through our polical process, we have an opportunity to do something about them ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh God, that’s depressing.  

Few things make me feel more alienated from other Americans than television news, and that does double for TV NEWS EXPLOSIONS. How the shit did Nancy Grace get a show? How the shit did that bitch get a show

I know I sound like I have a BBC stick up my butt here, but come on. If you used cable news to judge the content of American character, this is what you’d come away with:

  • These people are emotional vampires.
  • No really, they’re vampires.
  • Spoiled, spoiled emotional vampires.
  • They also have terrible priorities.

And so we have this horrible tragedy in Virginia, and the news vans are there, and then it turns out that the guy who killed all those people – and himself – made a freaking media package about the murders – and then I go out to dinner and while I’m eating bar-b-que I get to watch. Along with all the other bar-b-que eaters.

There is something seriously wrong with that. 

The restaurant had the TV on, volume way up, and look! here’s the sociopath aiming his gun at the camera. Oh, and over here we have a picture of him looking completely normal – what could that possibly mean? Let’s turn to our resident pychologist. The resident psychologist has been given the gift of great insight, and therefore can say with great certainty, “Something was obviously seriously wrong with this guy.”

And we sit, and chew, and watch.

NBC should not have aired that shit. Period.



  1. Some thots from a former perpetrator:
    1. If NBC hadn’t, it would have popped up in the blogosphere.
    2. If NBC hadn’t, there would have been cries of censorship.
    3. Regarding the two-fisted gunman still photo that also was delivered to NBC and appeared on the cover of all the major newspapers: I predict there was a bunch of beard-stroking in every one of them about whether this was so “important” to the story that it should appear despite its tastelessness and the always-present fear of inciting copycats. These discussions DO take place…but they ALWAYS end with a decision to publish. Even as recently as Columbine, some would have decided otherwise. But now the media (I would say mainstream, but I hate that term) is flailing madly and it always comes down to: If we don’t, we’ll be the only ones… I would add that there is NOT an argument that it will sell papers; journalists in general are not really that crass. Nonetheless, it is sad that decisions on principle are so rare when taste/discretion is at issue.
    4. Wonder what would have happened if you had asked the restaurant people to turn the TV off. (Not that this is in any way a solution to the larger problem.) You probably would have been stoned by your fellow diners.

    Comment by mmalan — April 20, 2007 @ 7:33 am

  2. I was curious to see your response to my self-righteous ravings. I just can’t get behind the decision to run it, as much as I understand intellectually that most Americans will want to watch, that it would just show up online anyway, etc.

    All the restaurant employees were lined up watching the tv, so I didn’t have the nerve to ask them to turn it off. “Hello, I’m your snooty BBC customer of the night, and I would like to dictate your media choices, because I know more than you do what’s good for you.” I might think it on the inside, but I can’t say it on the outside.

    I guess it’s the level of discourse that kills it for me. Putting up the images and tapes of a mentally deranged murderer (and suicide – the guy killed himself too) becomes even more foul when it’s folded into the vapid, self-serving world of cable news.

    I just looked at the transcript of what I heard the other night, and it’s this kind of shit that destroys me:

    B. WILLIAMS: In a separate written document, he includes 29 photos h apparently took of himself. He looks like a normal, smiling college student in only the first two. In the rest, he presents the stern face and strikes the pose that was very likely what his victims saw later on Monday.

    So tacky. So very, very tacky.

    Comment by dregina — April 20, 2007 @ 10:27 am

  3. I worked at ABC NEWS HQ for a year, and you are 100% correct: They are vampires.

    Very, very stupid vampires.

    Print journalists are at least somewhat smarter.

    And I hope you had iced tea with your BBQ? Your little small glimpses of Texan behaviors always makes me jealous.

    Comment by Joy — April 20, 2007 @ 11:13 am

  4. Joy –
    I had a Shiner. Don’t hate me.

    Comment by dregina — April 20, 2007 @ 2:08 pm

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