Nothing I Can Do About it Now

May 10, 2007

Someday, hopefully soon, I will stop obsessing about the new car

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But not yet.

First Is The Worst


Georgio has overheated 7 times in the last 3 days.  Remember when I mentioned that Georgio and I have been all over the country together? Well, now we’ve broken down all over Austin together. He’s making it easy to say goodbye. 

I finally gave in and took him to the mechanic for a looksee, because why not? It might just be a cracked hose. Alternately, some vital component has pooped out, providing me the singular opportunity to not really give a shit.  Win-win.*


Second Is The Best 

If I bought these, I would make everyone who rides with me speak with a fake English accent. And take their shoes off before getting in the car.


Third is the Nerd With the Big Hairy Chest

I realized yesterday that the musical preferences expressed here at Nothing I Can Do About It Now are suspect at best.  So far I’ve endorsed Cat Stevens, The Bellamy Brothers & Kenny Loggins.  A damning trifecta. So! To feed my obsession  for your entertainment, I’ll include, at the end of every post, a link to a song I’m considering for 1st Song Played in the Fit honors. Nominees and feedback welcome.

Today’s Nominee – Juanes, A Dios Le Pido. And yes, that is a woman dancing in front of some fish hung out to dry. So?

*Updated to add: Total cost of repairs – $200.00. Am I insane for paying $200.00 to keep a car going for two weeks? It’s cheaper than a rental, right? Tell me I’m not crazy. Please.


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