Nothing I Can Do About it Now

May 11, 2007


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I love zombie movies. Hell, don’t we all? Fast zombies, slow zombies, smart zombies, dumb zombies – everyone has their particular preference, but zombies, as a group, are really blazing it up* these days. They’re just so fun, the way they stumble about grunting for braaaiiiinss all the time. Really, that’s all they do. They never stop!

But. I’m a weenie. Parts of Hot Fuzz scared meAlso? Lost.  So what I do is, I wait for the DVD to come out. Then I watch on a small screen at home, alone, in my second story apartment, instead of in the dark, on a giant screen, with 1,000 other people who, for all I know, could already be carrying the zombie virus.

(The second story apartment is important only if I were to get in a situation involving dumb zombies. If the zombies were dumb, I could chop up the stairs and they wouldn’t be able to climb up and get me.)

(That thought process right there got me to sleep after watching Dawn of the Dead. As long as I have a plan, I can handle anything.)

I am telling you all this because the trailer for 28 Weeks Later is out, and DAMN if I can understand a damn thing about the plot except that

  1. Yikes, those zombies are threatening some kids.
  2. Oh my GOD, that pregnant lady has the rage virus!
  3. Ooohh, the military’s killing a lot of people. That’s bad.
  4. Run! Zombies! Run! Fire! Run! Zombies!

It looks awesome. And it’s getting good reviews. And I want to know what happens! But I’m going to have to wait 100 years for the DVD to come out because I don’t have the conjones to see it in the theater. I wonder if I could get a doctor to prescribe me just one Xanax, just for one show.

*blazing it up – I invented this. Sort of. I think it might have already existed, maybe? The important thing is, I said it the other day and Cristian hated it so much blood came out his ears. So I say it about 500 times a day now. Awesome!



  1. um, my uncle (joe not terry) was a zombie in Dawn of the Dead and i don’t think he’d appreciate being called dumb. even though he’s now able to control the virus with medication.

    Comment by p$ — May 13, 2007 @ 8:25 am

  2. I had to sleep with the light on after watching The Ring. For three nights.

    Comment by Suzanne — May 13, 2007 @ 7:59 pm

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