Nothing I Can Do About it Now

May 27, 2007

Big D

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 So Cristian and I are in Dallas this weekend, because the best thing to do when you get a new car is immediately drive it hundreds of miles to a city where neither one of you could find your way out of  a paper bag. That way, you can be as NERVOUS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE when your lover shouts, while pointing across 7 lanes of traffic, “THAT’S OUR EXIT! THAT’S OUR EXIT! YOU’RE MISSING OUR EXIT!”

So romantic.

Dallas, for those of you who haven’t been here, looks like it was designed by a despotic committee of fourth graders. “More colors! More shapes! More neon!” 


No one knows why Dallas was named Dallas. It was founded by a guy named Bryan, who mentioned at one point that he named the city after a friend, but no one ever got around to pinning him down on who. If you ask me, it was a Brokeback Mountain type of friend, and that’s why Bryan was so foggy on the details.  


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