Nothing I Can Do About it Now

June 6, 2007

Sometimes, though, training is fun

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For example:

  • Over the past 4 weeks, I have come to affectionately think of my thighs as hams. As in, “Come on, hams! Only 1 mile to go.” Or, “Man, I’ve got some tired hams here.”
  • When exhorting my hams gets old, I imagine that I am a powerful, beautiful walrus, flippering along the trail with force and majesty. I chant “Wal-RUS! Wal-RUS!” under my breath when I run up a really steep hill, or a regular hill, or an incline, or a wheelchair ramp. At the top of each hill, the walrus rejoices.
  • As soon as I get home from a run or a bike ride, I go straight to my bathroom mirror to admire my incredibly sweaty visage.  “Dana,” I say to myself, “you look JUST like Lance Armstrong after he won his seventh Tour de France. Except sexier.”

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  1. Ha! If you can jog long distances in Austin heat, then you can pretty much do anything, I think.

    I watched “Slackers” for the first time last night. Sort of the opposite of you.

    Comment by Joy — June 8, 2007 @ 1:01 pm

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