Nothing I Can Do About it Now

July 16, 2007


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So I tempt fate and fate smacks me across the face, just like she always does, the bitch*.

This is my third bout of the 24 hour puke flu this year. And those who are so inclined may go to certain places on the internet and read certain articles that may lead them to the conclusion that someone needs to work on her handwashing skills. GROSS, DANA. WASH YOUR FREAKING HANDS.

Yes, yes, yes. I know all about gross. Puking, for example, is gross. So is waiting for the purportedly sweet release of death while pressing one’s face against the cold tile of a bathroom floor. Knowing that soon, very soon,  one will have nothing to puke but bile, and then nothing, just heaving, and MY GOD I know I don’t need to say another word beyond that, do I? Dry heaves, dear reader, dry heaves, oh, and also, there is no God.

The good news is I got to watch Capturing the Friedmans and Day of the Jackal and Downfall over and over and over again, falling asleep and then waking up during the horrible screaming parts. Because all of  those movies have lots of horrible screaming parts.

*Confidential to Fate: j/k!  I left my work laptop in my car ALL WEEKEND because I was too sick to go downstairs and get it, and I really appreciate how you didn’t arrange to have it stolen, because that was seriously careless of me. But still, it helps for you and me to be enemies, because it creates plot tension.  You understand, right?


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