Nothing I Can Do About it Now

July 18, 2007

Abuzz with dread, I mean anticipation.

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  • During the race, I could get running-shorts-related cameltoe.
  • By the time I come home, the dog might like Cristian more than me.
  • The airline might lose my bike.
  • I might not be hydrated enough.
  • There might not be enough room in my room at the Y to assemble my bike.
  • I might finish after transition closes, and lose my bike.
  • I might get kicked in the head by another swimmer and drown a horrible, filthy, river death.
  • The airline might try to charge me like, a billion million dollars to check my bike through, even though their website says they won’t.
  • My teeth could be whiter.
  • My flight to NYC will release a ton of carbon into the atmosphere, which might be is……….just bad.
  • My neck might look really thick in all the racing pictures, because that happened last time.
  • I could accidentally rip my transition area wristband off and thereby NEVER BE ALLOWED into the transition area again and how will I ever get my bike back if that happens?
  • I might not make it up all the hills on the bike course.
  • I could be passed by one of those dudes on the run course who think they’re my coach or some shit and he might take it upon himself to say something like, “Just a little bit faster now!”*, and I might be so full of adrenaline when it happens that I jump on him and deliver a killing bite to the back of his neck, and then I’d have to run the rest of the race with the taste of blood in my mouth, blech.

*Actually happened, but without the killing bite part.


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