Nothing I Can Do About it Now

September 25, 2007

On Several Levels, She Didn’t Know What She Was Getting Herself Into

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Kind, Middle-Aged Coworker I Don’t Know Very Well: Do you know Jane Smith?

Me: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.

KMACIDKVW: Did you hear the sad news about her father? He died this weekend.

Me: I did. I was sorry to hear about it.

KMACIDKVW: It’s just so sad. Can you imagine?

Me: It is very sad.

KMACIDKVW: I have a card here we’re all signing for her. I thought you might like to sign it.

Me: Well, that’s very thoughtful of you, I’d be happy to sign a card.

KMACIDKVW: It’s just so sad. She’s so young, to be without her father. Can you imagine?

Me, While Signing Card: Yes, it is sad.

KMACIDKVW: And he was sick for so long, but then he died so quickly at the end. Can you imagine?

Me: Yes, that would be hard.

KMACIDKVW: And she loved him so much, and, I don’t know if you knew this, but he lived far away – she couldn’t be with him as much as she wanted, I’m sure. Can you imagine?

Me: That would be stressful, and sad, without a doubt.

KMACIDKVW: And she’s so young! Life can be so cruel.

Me: Yes, yes, it can.

KMACIDKVW:  He had cancer, you know. Can you imagine working here, with cancer patients, and having to deal with it in your family at the same time? It’s just so sad. 

Me, No Longer Able to Resist The Temptation of The Socially Inappropriate: Actually, I can imagine. My father died last year rather suddenly after being sick with cancer for two years, and he lived in Philadelphia, so there’s a lot of parallels.  You’re absolutely right, it’s very, very sad. 

KMACIDKVW:   ……………………………

Me: Here’s your card back. I know Jane will appreciate it.



  1. imagine that. just today my boss explained in detail what happens to someone when they are dying of cancer. seemingly free of the memory of my absence the week before to attend the funeral of my grandmother who died of ….. cancer.

    Comment by p$ — September 25, 2007 @ 6:05 pm

  2. Ooof. I probably wouldn’t have been able to wait as long as you did to spill the personal beans.

    Comment by Joy — September 26, 2007 @ 5:51 am

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