Nothing I Can Do About it Now

October 29, 2007

Two Things

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  1. Last week I had the good fortune to see a women’s volleyball game at the University of Texas, and lo, the women were tall, strong, fast, and tough. I am a nancy pansy wusswuss when it comes to physical pain, as any of you who have seen me stub my toe already know (Average Toe Stub Recovery Time: 6 1/2 minutes, assuming someone is there to rub my back while holding my hand), so I was especially impressed by how nonchalant they were about stopping 80 mile an hour volleyballs with their bare arms. UT swept Nebraska, the first time the Lady Cornhuskers have been swept since 1997, so that was pretty exciting. And? There’s this thing that Longhorn fans do? Where they make a sort of horn shape with their hands? And then they wiggle their hand in the direction of the team they don’t like and hiss? Hilarious. I spent the whole weekend Longhorn Hand Hissing everything that displeased me. The dog was unnerved.
  2. Go here right away. You’re welcome.

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