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November 3, 2007

Advice from the girl who can’t make grilled cheese

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1) Get a frequent flyer card.  I just earned my first free trip with Delta after signing up for a card in mid-July. It hurts to think how much money Cristian and I could have saved during the cross-continental part of our love affair, had we only frequent flyered our miles.

2) An easy way to tell your counter sponge apart from your dish sponge is to cut one small corner off the counter sponge. I use a new sponge for dishes, and when it gets a little too grody, I cut one corner off and delegate it to countertops and stove. When that sponge gets too grody for the stove, I cut another corner off and Ta-Da! Floor sponge! This piece of advice is probably over the OCD line, and therefore TMI, but I find comfort in its predictability.

3) Make a weekly meal plan, and stick to it. Results include:

  1. Savings! Which can then be turned into spendings on any number of fun things that aren’t food.
  2. A 96% reduction in interpersonal/intrapersonal debates at the grocery store, which we all know is a HORRIBLE PLACE TO HAVE TO MAKE ANY KIND OF DECISION AT ALL, you know that’s how those Count Chocula people move their product.
  3. 92% less wasted produce.   Alternately, keep rice, beans, and pasta on hand, and  you can always make something that incorporates whatever vegetable you have that’s about to go rotten.

But that’s not all! There’s more! Your fridge won’t get nasty if food doesn’t rot in it. Start planning meals today, and this spring you can spend an entire Saturday afternoon lying on the couch watching Reno 911 episodes instead of cleaning out your fridge. You’re welcome.

 I love advice, both giving and getting. What tricks have y’all figured out that make your life easier?


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  1. cut sponges in half. it fits better in hard to clean places and it dries out quicker minimizing mildewy sponge smell, gross.

    Comment by p$ — November 11, 2007 @ 6:38 pm

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