Nothing I Can Do About it Now

December 3, 2007

Progress Report

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+ All of our big furniture got moved this weekend. We are now officially in the new place.

– There are still 876419 boxes in the old apartment.

+ Our new house has rosebushes, and they are blooming. In December.

– Our new house has fire ants, and they are swarming. In the kitchen.

+ Fluppy has adjusted smoothly to the new house.  This is newsworthy because historically, moving put her into a weeks long Woody Allen-like state of neurosis.

– Cristian accidentally broke a glass shade for one of our track lights while trying to change a burned out bulb. Upon going to Lowe’s, we found that these glass shades were sold only as part of an entire, $54.00 track lighting set.

+ A Lowe’s employee who both looked and acted like Santa took a matching glass shade off their display model and gave it to us for free. He then told us to have a “Happy Holiday and an Even Happier New Year!” Will do, Santa Claus Man. Will do.


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  1. “Blooming roses and fireants in the kitchen” — it’s like a country song about Texas.

    Comment by Joy — December 3, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

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