Nothing I Can Do About it Now

December 20, 2007

All is Well

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So the FIRST thing I did today was walk, and then drive, all over the new neighborhood while shouting my dog’s name over and over. That was a fun 20 minutes!

Let’s get straight to the happy ending: she was found not 10 yards from our house, sitting in tall weeds, feasting on menudo out of a neighbor’s trash bag (all together now: GROSS!). The menudo was, understandably, much more compelling than my loving voice.

Upon return of said barebutted dog to our house, Cristian vowed before God to never again leave the gate unlatched. I think he means it, so I won’t go into the historical record and mention our many conversations about the wisdom of keeping the trash can just inside the gate and the likelihood that Cristian might forget to close the gate after opening it to take the trash out. But if any of you were looking for solid statistical data on what Cristian is or is not likely to do in a given situation, may I recommend myself as a source?


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