Nothing I Can Do About it Now

January 17, 2008

Things are good

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Love, love is a verb

Love is a doing word

from Teardrop, by Massive Attack. Except that link goes to a Jose Gonzalez cover, because his version is better.


Every night I make rounds through the house. Mundane stuff – let the dog out one last time, let her back in. Close some windows, open others. Lock the doors, check water bowls, set alarms.  And every night I am astonished by how happy I am. The cat purring on the bed is another astonishment – so unplanned it’s as though she dropped from the sky – a phone call from a friend to a neighbor, a phone call back, and here she is.  Ours, sweet and ugly and gentle, halfblind and tiny, seemingly pleased with the current state of affairs.  Days begin with Motley whapping at our heads with her little declawed paw, and then Fluppy is there beside me, breathing hopefully into my face – following the letter, if not the spirit, of our quiet-in-the-morningtime law.  I get up, let the dog out, turn the coffee pot on, and again – visceral, simple, astonishing happiness.  There are high tides and low tides in every life, times when we struggle to gather the pieces we need together, when we struggle to make them all fit. And there are times when it all comes into balance, and life presents itself as a stupefying gift, something that doesn’t need to be wrestled with, organized, controlled.

Things are good.  I’m grateful.





  1. are you going soft on me?!

    Comment by p$ — January 17, 2008 @ 6:15 pm

  2. Naw, Danar will never go soft. Nonetheless, this is very heartening.

    Now go listen to Jennifer Warnes sing “Ballad of the Runaway Horse” (on the 20th anniversary reissue of her “Famous Blue Raincoat” album. They were albums then, right?). Scary to be moved to tears twice in one day.)

    Comment by mmalan — January 21, 2008 @ 10:53 am

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