Nothing I Can Do About it Now

February 5, 2008


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So. Here are the rules we’ve come up with for our Eating Local Lenten Adventure:

1) If it was grown in Texas, we can eat it.  Milk, cheese, butter and eggs from local cows, goats and chickens are fair game.

2) If it’s already in our fridge or cupboard, we can eat it. We’re not doing this to waste food.

3) We are making an exception for bread, assuming that we can’t find bread made from wheat grown in Texas.  Cristian got a little panicky about no starches for 40 days and nights. I’m curious to see if we can actually find locally grown and baked bread. Google hasn’t coughed an easy answer up yet, but maybe the fine people at the Farmer’s Market will be able to fill us in.

4) We’re going to restrict our alcohol consumption to locally produced wines, beers, and liquors. We debated this rule for a while last night, because vineyards will import grapes to help round out their wine selections, I have no idea where local breweries like Shiner get the wheat and hops they use to make their beer, and ditto for where Tito gets the corn he uses to make his vodka. That being said, I know I don’t want to become obsessive and rigid about rule that is self-imposed and temporary. If one or the other of us end up out with friends at a bar, Tito’s is a good enough option.

5)  We are taking a break from March 5 – 14 because I am going to Alaska with a few good friends to celebrate turning 30! I’m ridiculously excited. We’ll tack those 10 days onto the back end of Lent, so we’ll still observe for the full 40 days.


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